Divorce Solutions

CS folder comp B 75%Divorce Solutions provides comprehensive services for families experiencing separation/ divorce by this change in their family. Our goal is to provide support to adults and children impacted by a change in their family. In addition to providing individual counseling services, we offer parent coordination services to help parents make the best decisions for their children by processing matters with an objective, supportive mental health professional. By assisting families in thoughtful decision-making, many potentially damaging circumstances can be avoided. While this mode of treatment often includes both parents, individual parent sessions are offered and are frequently necessary.

Divorce counseling and parent coordination includes all of the challenges facing separating parents.

  • Setting up appropriate schedules for children and teens
  • Evaluating extracurricular activities
  • Support to ensure smooth transitions and reliable visitation
  • Helping to promote consistent parenting practices across households
  • As needed, these services may also include consultation regarding complicated medical issues and educational planning

Parent-child relationship counseling helps parents and children as they adjust to the changes in their family composition. By focusing on effective communication and healthy attachment, our therapists will help to promote a positive adjustment for all family members.

Individual therapy for adults and children/adolescents Both joint and individual parent sessions will be offered to promote adaptive communication between parents to create an environment that supports consistent parenting practices across households.

Workshops and support groups will also be available for separated and/or divorced parents.