Fees for services are due at the end of each appointment and are payable in cash, check, and credit card. Patients will receive a receipt, which may be submitted, if you choose, to your insurance company for reimbursement as per your coverage. All of the necessary information required by your insurance company is on the receipt. Childhood Solutions, PC does not directly accept insurance reimbursement or submit claims directly to insurance companies. There will be a $30 service charge for all checks returned for insufficient funds.


Many patients find it comforting to know that they can schedule telephone sessions with their therapist if they are unable to come in for a session (i.e., if they are ill, out of town or need something discussed immediately). There is no charge for phone calls lasting less than five minutes. Phone calls lasting more than five minutes will be pro-rated at the regular therapy rate. Additionally, phone calls to outside agencies (e.g., schools, daycare, etc.) are subject to the same rates.

Routine calls left on the therapist’s voice mail will be returned by the next business day. If for any reason you have not had a return call by the next business day, please be sure to call again.


All patients are seen by appointment only. The office has a 24- hour cancellation policy. FULL FEE IS CHARGED FOR ALL MISSED APPOINTMENTS OR APPOINTMENTS CANCELLED WITH LESS THAN 24 HOURS NOTICE.

Scheduling of follow-up appointments is handled directly with your therapist. You can leave messages on the general voicemail box or in your therapist’s personal voicemail box.


In the event of an emergency involving a patient’s safety— suicidal or homicidal thoughts or attempt—patients and families should do whatever is necessary to assure the safety of the patient first. This may include calling 911 or proceeding to the nearest emergency room. After assuring the patient’s safety, please contact your therapist. Therapists do not have pagers, but do monitor their voicemail throughout the day.


Therapist-patient communication is governed by many rules of confidentiality. In particular, therapist-patient communication is confidential with the exception of safety, including suicidal or homicidal thoughts, which must be shared with appropriate individuals. Childhood Solutions occasionally communicates via cellular phone. Patients and families should be aware that cellular communication is not absolutely confidential.